Rakete Festival 2019: from Mama to Mother Earth

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Tanzquartier Vienna, Austria. 3–11 May 2019
Tanzquartier’s Rakete Festival invites a new generation of local and international choreographers and performers to present their work in Vienna. In this second edition, intersectionality seems to have played a crucial role in inspiring the upcoming artists: undercutting perspectives on gender with political takes on identity, each of the pieces reflected to some extent on the place of the makers within a bigger picture.

Under Cover, by the Iranian maker Ulduz Ahmadzadeh, also tackles the perception of ‘oriental’ bodies, focusing especially on Muslim women. But she moves away from a solely autobiographical take to unveil a much more intricate understanding of the power structures which are ultimately linked to perceptions of individuality. At times wearing a clear plastic veil that shows each breath as a steamy cloud, devouring bloody pomegranates or smashing tea glasses with her bare hands, she uncovers a multi-sensory experience of what her reality might be like.

From Mama to Mother Earth, Rakete offered a truly wide and refreshing take on the usually self-involved tendency underlying solos and identity-based works. Bringing awareness to unique biographies while also staying in touch with the rest of the world, the curated pieces were a promising insight into a new generation of makers who seemed unafraid to tackle the big, even cosmic challenges that we – as a species and as an art scene – are bound to face in the very real and very near future.

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